Fire Safety & Services

North Londonderry Township recognizes the importance of fire safety and community relations. Citizen’s Firehouse Company #1 is dedicated to assisting the community and providing services to protect our township and community.

If you need immediate assistance with an emergency or fire, please dial 911.

Fire Safety & Prevention Tips:

  1. Install and maintain smoke alarms in every floor and bedroom of your home
  2. Test and check the batteries and make sure smoke alarms are working every 6 months
  3. Never leave appliances or cooking food unattended
  4. Avoid using space heaters
  5. Have a Fire Plan
  6. Keep note of all fire escapes
  7. Do not let fireplaces go unattended
  8. Avoid smoking in the house
  9. Plan ahead and practice use of a fire extinguisher
  10. Visit Citizen’s Firehouse Company #1’s website to learn more

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