The government body of North Londonderry Township consists of a three-member Board of Supervisors, elected at large. Their staff consists of personnel to provide administrations, road safety and management, sanitary sewer collection and treatment, storm water management, yard waste disposal and police services to the community.

List Of Officials 

Voters elect those individuals who should serve on the Board of Supervisors. These Supervisors then appoint from their position.

Township Supervisors

  • Ronald E. Fouche, Chairman
  • Barry D. Riegle, Vice-Chairman
  • William C. Buckfelder, Member

Authority Board Members

  • William C. Buckfelder
  • Benjamin E. Dohner
  • Ronald E. Fouche
  • Edward K. Houser
  • Barry D. Riegle


Township & Authority Solicitor

Planning Commission

  • James E. Hartman, Chairman
  • Steven R. Johnson, Secretary
  • Ronald E. Fouche, Member
  • Kevin L. Imes, Member

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Philip J. Deivernois
  • Frederick J. Tilberg
  • Joanne Wendte
  • Harry A. Fox III, Alternate

Township Manager

  • Michael D. Booth

Additional Officials & Boards

Board of Auditors

  • Leroy L. Leach, Chairman
  • Steven M. Derr, Secretary
  • Christopher K. Moyer
  • Daniel J. Huffman, Constable
  • Barry D. Riegle, E.M.A. Coordinator
  • James A. Rothermel, Vacancy Board

Voter Information

Polls open from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. for all elections

Voter Registration Office
Lebanon County-City Building, Room 209
400 South 8th Street, Lebanon

  • Residents living north of the railroad tracks
    • North Londonderry Township
      Municipal Complex
      655 East Ridge Road
      Palmyra PA 17078
  • Residents living south of the railroad tracks &
    west of the center line of South Forge Road
    • Trinity United Church of Christ
      40 West Pine Street
      Palmyra PA 17078
  • Residents living south of the railroad tracks & 
    east of the centerline of South Forge Road
    • Londonderry Village
      Stoneback Pavilion
      1200 Grubb Road
      Palmyra PA 17078

Agendas & Minutes

opens in a new windowBoard of Supervisors Meeting Agenda -May 16, 2022opens PDF file

Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2022opens PDF file

Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes – March 21, 2022opens PDF file

Planning Commission – April Meeting Canceled

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