The government body of North Londonderry Township consists of a three-member Board of Supervisors, elected at large. These Supervisors then appoint from their position.


Board of Supervisors

  • Ronald E. Fouche, Chairman
  • Barry D. Riegle, Vice-Chairman
  • William C. Buckfelder, Member

Township & Authority Solicitor

Authority Board Members

  • William C. Buckfelder
  • Benjamin E. Dohner
  • Ronald E. Fouche
  • Travis Finkenbinder
  • Barry D. Riegle

Planning Commission

  • James E. Hartman, Chairman
  • Steven R. Johnson, Secretary
  • Ronald E. Fouche, Member
  • Kevin L. Imes, Member

Zoning Hearing Board

  • Philip J. Deivernois
  • Frederick J. Tilberg
  • Joanne Wendte
  • Harry A. Fox III, Alternate
  • Allen Stuart, Alternate #2

Board of Auditors

  • Leroy L. Leach, Chairman
  • Steven M. Derr, Secretary
  • Christopher K. Moyer

Additional Officials


  • Daniel J. Huffman

E.M.A Coordinator

  • John W. Breive

E.M.A Coordinator – Deputy

  • Barry D. Riegle

Voter Information

Lebanon County Elections & Voter Registration Office manages all aspects of the election and voter registration process for Lebanon County. This includes registering to vote, updating voting records, applying for an absentee ballot, filing a petition for public office, and obtaining election results. For more information, contact 717-228-4428.

Polling Locations for North Londonderry Township Residents

Polls open from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. for all elections.

  • Residents living north of the railroad tracks
    • North Londonderry Township
      Municipal Complex
      655 East Ridge Road
      Palmyra PA 17078
  • Residents living south of the railroad tracks &
    west of the center line of South Forge Road
    • Trinity United Church of Christ
      40 West Pine Street
      Palmyra PA 17078
  • Residents living south of the railroad tracks & 
    east of the centerline of South Forge Road
    • Londonderry Village
      Stoneback Pavilion
      1200 Grubb Road
      Palmyra PA 17078

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