Zoning, Building & Land

The North Londonderry Township zoning, building & land subdivision has contracted the Lebanon County Planning Department as a PA Certified 3rd Party Inspection Agency to administer and enforce the PA Uniform Construction Code, Subdivision Ordinance, Zoning Enforcement, and Sewage Enforcement. For information and permits, please contact the Lebanon County-City Building, room 206, direct dial 717-228-4444.

Do I need a  opens in a new windowConstruction Code / Building & Zoning Permit?opens PDF file

 *As of 06/17/2015, North Londonderry Township now requires building permits for all fences, walls and hedges to be sure their installation complies with  opens in a new window§150-91 of the Zoning Ordinance

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Beware of Home Improvement Fraud:

All contractors performing projects over $500 or totaling over $5,000 per year must be registered with the PA Attorney General. This official registration number must be displayed on all contracts, estimates, proposals, and advertisements. To verify a contractor’s registration number, call 1-888-520-6680 or visit the AG’s  opens in a new windowHome Improvement Consumer Information website.

What are your rights?

  • A contractor may not demand or receive any payment for a home improvement before the home improvement contract is signed.
  • A contractor must provide you with a copy of the complete contract free of charge.
  • A contract is not enforceable against a consumer if it does not include all of the information required by law.
  • You have the right to rescind your contract without penalty within three business days of the signing date, except as provided under law for emergency situations.

Know Your Property – Easements & Right-of-Ways


If you weren’t provided a plot plan or deed for your property, now would be a good time to obtain a copy, before building begins. Many residents are suprised to find that there are sizeable areas along their property that, although they maintain by cutting grass, etc., they are limited as to what else can occupy this designated area.

These areas are usually reserved for underground utility lines or waterways and allow space for crews and equipment to work on repairs if needed. Thus the erection of any structure, permanent or temporary, may be restricted. Various information about your property can be found at the Lebanon County-City Building, either at the Recorder of Deeds, Assessment office, or Lebanon County Planning Department.

Subdivision & Land Development Helpful Links

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