On-Lot Sewage

Households with private well and on-lot sewage disposal systems make up most of the northern half of North Londonderry Township. With the exception of the North Hills development, this would consist of all properties north of State Route 422 / Main Street, Palmyra.

Sewage Management Program

In 2010, per DEP requirements and guidelines established by the Act 537 program, the Township instituted a Sewage Management Program that establishes routine inspection and maintenance requirements for properties that have a septic system to ensure proper operation. Property owners with on-lot sewage systems are required to submit proof of pumping every three (3) years by completing and submitting a Sewage Management Report along with an administrative fee for each property. These reports will be mailed to properties upon the third year, Section I is to be signed and completed by the homeowner and Section II is to be signed and completed by the pumper/hauler. If you have misplaced or did not receive the form, please contact us prior to scheduling pumping. Systems must be pumped by a registered pumper/hauler. A list of Frequently Asked Questions and the ordinance enacting the program is provided.

If you feel you are exempt from the program because the system was built, repaired or pumped in the last year, please contact us about completing an Exemption Application form. Unfortunately this does not exempt owners from the administrative fee. Alternatives are also offered if the system is used part-time or there is only one person living in the home. This program applies to all types of systems including holding tanks, outhouses and cesspools.

On-Lot Sewage Enforcement

A permit is required for any new install, repair, replacement or modification to a system. Modifications may be warranted if there will be an increase of flow due to additional persons residing within a home, maybe additional bedrooms have been established, or expansion of a commercial, industrial, or institutional facility.