Compost Site

Compost Site Bins

What is it?

The North Londonderry Township Compost Facility is an organic recycling center that processes green and brown yard waste collected curbside from Township residents or through individual permitted drop-offs. Our staff then manufactures the yard waste into organic compost and mulch products available for sale to the public.

Under Act 101, the state requires municipalities to collect yard waste. In 2004, due to high disposal costs, we began construction on the compost site to manage residents yard waste. Our facility was able to achieve standards that granted us state monies for the reimbursement of equipment and some construction expenses. The facility was opened to permitted drop-offs by residents in 2006. It's success and public interest in recycling caused us to expand in 2008. Based upon our performance and efficient function at the facility, the Township has continued to receive state grants to fund some improvements at the facility.

Can anyone dump at the site?

No. The site is only open to North Londonderry Township residents who have paid the annual $30 membership fee. This fee is not prorated and is only good from the time of payment to the end of the year. After signing up for a permit at the Township Office, members are given a key card for personal access to the site. Unfortunately, our capacity limits opening it up to others.

What about commercial services?

This compost facility, being funded by government monies, is NOT intended to compete or interfere with private business. If a resident pays someone to provide landscaping services or tree trimming, they must negotiate removal of the waste with this contractor or arrange to have it removed yourself. Our site is simply to provide township residents, who are performing smaller yard maintenance projects, a proper outlet for disposal. It is not a substitute for contractor services.

Is the site open over the weekend?

Yes. Having our entire 2.5 acre site paved allows us to operate and collect yard waste all year long, 7 days a week. See the hours listed below.

Monday - Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 noon - 8:00 p.m.
Monday - Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.

During the winter months, we ask residents to be attentive of their footing. Winter maintenance is not conducted at the site for purity of materials. We also ask that the site not be visited after hours due to insufficient lighting and concern for safety.

What kind of items can be brought to the site?

An array of yard waste is accepted but we categorize them into 'bins' of grass clippings, garden residue, leaves and tree/shrub trimmings. Please see our Rules and Regulations for a more in depth list, though collections are not restricted by this list. We ask members to contact the office for further instructions prior to dumping if your organic item is not listed. Anything dumped at the site must be natural, 'green', compostable waste, and not all organic waste is nor can be processed at the site, i.e. weeds, ground/sod, fruits/vegetables, roots or tree trunks. If you are tearing a tree down for any reason, please find another manner of disposal. The site capacity is only available for residents to regularly trim trees in order to maintain the health of the plant or property upkeep. The waste generated from a tree removal is not warranted at this site.

Yard waste may be transported to the site by any means necessary, but please be sure not to leave anything behind (containers, tarps, man-made plastics, garbage, etc.) We are not able to process this waste and will require extra man hours and disposal fees increasing the overall cost of operations. Please check what you are dumping for this non-organic waste and place it in the nearest appropriate trash receptacle. Unsought items left is classified as an illegal act of dumping.

We take great pride in maintaining our facility as efficiently and effectively as possible. To provide disposal and recycling opportunities and produce a clean mulch product, we need the assistance and attention of our members in order to keep it that way. We ask that if you utilize or visit our facility you use the same care - - place all items in their designated bins, do not discard any trash or leave behind items that cannot actually be composted, and prepare yard waste as requested. We are happy to answer any questions and provide guidance if we are unable to accept an item at this facility.

Mulch mowers allow for the
return of nutrients to the soil.
It also helps by reducing
excessive amounts at the site.
Drastic trimming of branches
Severely cutting back major branches
causes weak growth ruining the
natural structure of the tree.
windrow trash
Trash restling along the edges
of a compost windrow
Loading mulch product

Mulch products are available to the public for purchase. Products may be purchased and loaded by the purchaser (must provide their own hand tools) during regular office hours with the exception of Fridays. Most Fridays the Township allows one crew member to stay behind and load trucks & trailers with the Township Loader. This is done from:

12:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. July through March
(please call to verify staff availability)
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. April through June

This 2 cubic yard Loader bucket will fill a regular size pick-up truck at the cost of $12.00 per scoop. Please be prepared to tarp down the load and clean up around the edges. We do not want any products spilling out onto the roadways. Purchasers may supply their own 30 gallon container and fill it for $2 or 5 gallon bucket for $0.35. Fees are the same for all products.

Demand is high for our products. They are completely organic, processed from yard waste brought to the site by Township resident properties, and never treated. Residents who enjoy our wood mulch specifically can aid in creating more by bringing tree trimmings to the site rather than leaving them curbside. Unfortunately in our processes, whatever is left curbside for the chipper cannot be utilized to make wood mulch. On the other side, plant bedding has been used by homeowners for many different reasons, it's a great soil additive, but commercial contractors have also scooped a lot of it up to use in land development projects where they need to increase stormwater absorption and reduce runoff. The final process for the plant bedding occurs once a year in September. We recommend anyone interested in purchasing these products act fast because they are sold on a first-come first-serve basis.


100% Organic Matter
Composted and Screened Yard Waste
- Provides organic matter for soil supplement -
*Registered with PA Dept. of Agriculture


100% Organic Matter
Brush and Branches
Processed and Aged


100% Organic Matter
Brush and Branches

We also offer dumpsters for the collection of various paper grades. Over the years we've expanded our collection to include corrugated cardboard, junk mail / mixed paper / paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes) and newspaper. These containers are available to all residents. Items should be deposited freely, there is no need to bag or bind them in any way. Here again, we ask for diligence from all. Magazine and recycling of all glossy paper has been redirected to the Ronald McDonald House Charity Collection container on East Cherry Street, between Duke and Prince Streets, in an effort to help those in need.